Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall expanded to 1.9m despite only 96 causing damage

Registered complaints leading up to US recall and replacement program found only 96 smartphones sparking or inflicting injury due to faulty battery

The recall and replacement program for Samsung’s faulty Note 7 smartphone has officially begun in the US after an agreement was reached with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, increasing the number of devices that could be returned to 1.9m.

Yet the company has claimed that despite the vast scale of the recall – which Samsung estimates will eat into $2.33bn of its profits – only 96 handsets have been found to have caused damage or injury owing to the faulty battery problem.

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Google News introduces fact check feature – just in time for US election

Launched today, fact check will now appear as a label among news search results alongside other labels such as opinion, local source and highly cited

In the midst of a highly charged presidential election, where fact and fiction have frequently become confused, Google News has introduced a new fact check feature in search results for news stories.

Launched today, fact check will now appear as a label among news search results, alongside other established labels such as opinion, local source and highly cited.

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People made sick by Soylent bars report ‘gelatinous substance’ on wrapper

They’re ‘plant-based and protein rich’ and contain “12.5% of your daily nutritional requirements’ – but people say they pack some pretty nasty side effects too

The “future of food” company Soylent has recalled its new line of food bars after reports that the “meal replacement” has made people ill.

Soylent began selling 250-calorie bars in August, advertising them as a “12.5% of your daily nutritional requirements” that are “plant-based and protein rich”. In the weeks since, dyspeptic customers have filled Soylent’s message boards with complaints about the bar.

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Why workers needn’t fear the new robot age | Letters

Automated inspection machines and artificial intelligence aren’t designed to cost human workers their jobs; in fact, quite the opposite (Schools not preparing children to succeed in an AI future, MPs warn,, 12 October).

Working side by side with humans, AI technology increases productivity in factories, eliminating the need for costly precision fixtures, and allowing different parts to be processed and inspected without changing tools. This assists human workers with inspection processes, relieving them of more commonplace work, and allowing them to be redeployed to tasks that robots cannot do.

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