Facebook enjoys £11m UK tax credit as it makes £5bn global profit

Credit, which can be offset against future tax bills, may raise further questions about whether US group is paying its fair share

Facebook’s UK business generated an £11.3m tax credit last year, despite the world’s largest social network making a global profit of $6.19bn (£4.97bn), according to the latest company accounts.

The credit at Facebook UK Ltd can be offset against future tax bills and is likely to raise further questions about whether the $370bn US company is paying its fair share towards Britain’s public finances.

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Facebook revenge pornography trial ‘could open floodgates’

Case of 14-year-old taking social network to court over naked picture has already resulted in others seeking legal advice

A legal case against Facebook, which will involve a 14-year-old taking the company to court in Belfast over naked images published on the social network, could open the floodgates for other civil claims, according to lawyers who work with victims of revenge pornography.

Facebook’s forthcoming trial, which centres on the claim that it is liable for the publication of a naked picture of the girl posted repeatedly on a “shame page” as an act of revenge, has alarmed the tech world and could have a seismic impact on how social media companies deal with explicit images.

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