Why a New York restaurateur is arming employees with Apple Watches

ShakeShack founder has announced that the managers and sommeliers at his new Union Square Cafe 2.0 eatery will wear devices to take better care of diners

Danny Meyer, the keeper of the golden flame of hospitality, did the unthinkable this week. He invited even more digital screens into his dining rooms.

When it was announced that all the managers and sommeliers at his Union Square Cafe 2.0 will be sporting Apple Watches when it reopens this month, there was a palpable sense of panic among both patrons and pundits that the glow of organic bonhomie would be replaced by the cool inhuman luminescence of smartphones.

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Twelve ways to have a better iOS 10 life

The latest version of Apple’s operating system for mobile devices brings a host of new features – not all of them immediately obvious. Here’s our pick of the best

Several buttons now have “3D touch”: they respond to the force used (iPhone 6S or newer devices). A hard press on the timer icon pops up shortcuts to common timer lengths, while the torch icon lets you choose brightness and the camera icon lets you jump to video or selfie mode. Several apps have also gained new touch gestures: in Photos, you can now tap and drag to select multiple images, while the email app now lets you swipe down while composing a message to save it as a draft. To return to a saved draft, hold your finger down on the compose button.

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Oculus Rift and the uses and abuses of VR

One of next-generation virtual reality’s first public outings saw men queuing to fondle a virtual girl at the Tokyo Game Show

In muggy Tokyo, a man wearing an Oculus Rift headset crouches in front of a blank-faced mannequin and fondles her breasts. On screen, an animated cartoon version of the girl (despite her nurse-like professional attire, it is unquestionably a girl) smiles coquettishly while a skeletal depiction of the man’s hands move rhythmically, as if testing a nectarine for ripeness. According to the organisers of last month’s Tokyo Game Show, it is the year of virtual reality. For a number of exhibitors at the show, however, it seems more like the year of digital lechery. Such was the outrage on social media at the spectacle of this dummy-groping, the software’s developer was told by event staff to remove the touch sensors from the mannequin’s breasts. It was a diluted compromise. The lascivious, snaking queues remained. The only difference was that now the mannequin didn’t know when she was being felt up.

For Luckey, VR is not merely a tool for immersive entertainment, but a mechanism to democratise privileged experience

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The doctor will see you now… on your smartphone

Apps can give you a GP consultation in minutes, but at what cost to the health service?

One Friday afternoon, I decided to check out a pea-sized lump on my neck that was causing me consternation. I started by calling my GP’s surgery in south London. A recorded message informed me there were no appointments that day; after a few minutes, a receptionist came on the line and said that I could have an appointment on Monday. Not too bad, I thought, until I realised she was not talking about the Monday three days hence, but the one 10 days away. Not so good. I could also try for a walk-in slot or a phone consultation from 8am to 10am on weekday mornings.

At this point, I downloaded the app from Babylon Health, one of the leaders in online doctor consultations, on to my smartphone. The homepage was purple and teal, the writing welcomingly blobby. I tapped on “check a symptom” and after half-a-dozen questions, it suggested that I “book a consultation”. I was offered a choice between a GP, a specialist or a therapist. The appointment could be on the phone or a video call.

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Mazda MX-5 Icon: car review | Martin Love

The elfin MX-5 is a world beater. But in Iceland they’ve sold only three. They don’t know what they’re missing…

Price: £18,495
Top speed: 127mph
0-62mph: 8.3 seconds
MPG: 47.1
CO2: 139g/km

With its lunar landscapes, black-sand beaches, waterfalls, glaciers and geysers, Iceland provides the most photogenic backdrops you could possibly dream up for a car launch. But the fact that the car being launched is a kitten-cute Mazda MX-5 makes it a challenging choice.

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