Twitter reports slowest quarterly revenue growth since IPO

Shares plunge 10% as revenue falls short of analysts’ estimates amid modest gain of 3 million users

Twitter is battling for a share of the internet’s booming video advertising market, its executives said today, as the company reported its slowest growth in quarterly revenue since going public in 2013

Facing increasing competition from fast-growing competitors such as Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter is attempting to encourage users to stay longer on the platform by adding more live video content from Periscope and on Twitter itself.

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‘Fast Racing Neo,’ ‘SteamWorld Collection’ set for Wii U retail releases in Europe

Your favorite Wii U eShop games are headed for a retail upgrade, as Nintendo announced that it will release physical versions of Fast Racing Neo, SteamWorld Heist, and SteamWorld Dig as part of its newly launched “Nintendo eShop Selects” series.

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Corporate ownership of our power and skies | Letters

Amazon want to fill the skies immediately above our heads with buzzing, swishing drones carrying packages (Amazon to test drone delivery in partnership with UK government,, 26 July). It is reported that the government’s transport ministry is happy to be a partner; and they see this mainly as a matter of sorting out safety issues (we look forward to hearing their plans to deal with terrorists’ use of this technology once the skies are full of “legitimate” drones).

But do we, the people, get any say at all? Chris Grayling, the new minister of transport, was a leader of the leave campaign. The population voted leave in protest that unaccountable elites in Brussels were taking decisions behind our backs. Citizens were urged by Mr Grayling to “take back control”. If Amazon had announced this as an EU-backed plan to fill the air with drones, would Mr Grayling be queueing up to smooth its path through government?

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