‘Invasive’ Snapchat of teen who later killed himself was illegal, court says

California appeals court upheld ruling that the video showing a student – who later killed himself – seemingly masturbating in stall was an invasion of privacy

When a 16-year-old high student at a San Diego school uploaded a 10-second video to Snapchat of another student seemingly masturbating in a restroom stall, he thought he’d get a laugh from his peers. The video, shot on a smartphone, was posted to Snapchat stories and disappeared 24 hours later, but not before it went viral around the school.

Two weeks later the subject of the video – known in court documents only as Matthew B – took his own life, leaving a suicide note that read: “I can’t handle school any more and I have no friends.”

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Pokémon Go transforms Republican convention into gym full of rare catches

Reporters and attendees train Pokémon between votes and speeches, stalking Pokéstops instead of delegates and dueling on the convention center stage

Texas senator Ted Cruz’s incendiary rebuke of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on the stage in Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday evening seemingly transformed the home of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team into a gladiatorial colosseum, complete with screaming fans and enraged detractors.

But the greatest battle on the stage at Quicken Loans Arena during the week of the Republican national convention may be for control of a different kind of stadium entirely – its Pokémon Go gym.

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Get an early look at ‘Metroid Prime: Federation Force’ with new, free eShop download

A free surprise from Nintendo is in store for 3DS owners this week, as the publisher announced that a fully featured demo version of the Metroid Prime: Federation Force multiplayer minigame Blast Ball is now available for download.

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