Airbnb hires former attorney general Eric Holder to fight discrimination

Company calls discrimination ‘the greatest challenge we face’ and has come under fire in recent months for users experiencing racial bias on the platform

Airbnb has hired former US attorney general Eric Holder to help address racism and other forms of discrimination on its short-term rental platform, the company announced Wednesday.

In a blog post, CEO Brian Chesky called discrimination “the greatest challenge we face as a company” and conceded that he and his cofounders were not “fully conscious of this issue when we designed the platform” and that “there have at times been a lack of urgency to work on this”.

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Pokémon woe: player drives into police car while another is robbed

Elsewhere, a Pokémon trainer gets stuck in a tree as officers across the country struggle to handle continuing app-fuelled mishaps

A woman trying to catch Pokémon got stuck in a cemetery tree in New Jersey, a Baltimore man drove into a police car and a man in New Hampshire was robbed at knifepoint, as officers around the US struggle to respond to Pokémon hunters distracted into danger.

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That’s a lot of Pokécoins: ‘Pokémon Go’ a potential $3 billion windfall for Apple

Thanks to App Store policies and fired-up Pokémon fans, Apple could make as much as 10 to 15 percent of its App Store revenue off a single game. Nintendo might not care: its market value has doubled as a result of the game.

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