American art museums cautiously embrace Pokémon Go

Institutions including MoMA in New York are seizing the opportunity to get gamers through the doors, though some museumgoers are unimpressed

Summer is a tough time to get paid museumgoers through the doors – but this year, there’s an extra incentive. Art museums like the Whitney and the Museum of Modern Art in New York are jumping on the Pokémon Go bandwagon and helping players of the augmented reality game “catch ’em all”.

Just as local businesses have jumped on the bandwagon to get new customers, museums are jumping onboard to attract young players and boost ticket sales from Los Angeles to New York, Texas and Boston.

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Pokémon Go: why our dark world needs escapism more than ever

The wildly popular mobile game is a Pokétopian fantasy that has flooded our world with good feelings – and timing could everything behind its success

What has technology offered us in these dark days of violence and fear? Silicon Valley’s technologies are more pervasive than ever, its dark and toneless luxury gadgets, its social media amplifying the atrocities and raw pain of the real world’s problems. And yet among all this was born the phenomenon of Pokémon Go, a pure escapism that may well be the most successful mobile game of all time.

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SoftBank’s takeover of ARM Holdings in doubt

The £24.3bn deal has been called into question by SoftBank’s shareholders, who are concerned about their company’s debt level

The £24.3bn takeover of ARM Holdings, Britain’s biggest technology company, could be in doubt after investors in the Japanese group behind the deal – SoftBank – gave it the thumbs down.

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