Pokémon Go makers call for calm as servers crash across Europe and US

App maker Niantic blames ‘incredible number of downloads’, but hacking group claims responsibility for server failure as game launches in Europe

Pokémon Go servers crashed across Europe and the US on Saturday, as global demand for the hit mobile app soared in its first weekend since being launched in the UK.

Players in 26 countries took advantage of mostly good weather to venture outdoors to hunt and capture their first Pokémon creatures, with millions having downloaded the game in its first days since release.

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France’s Saip emergency smartphone app failed during Nice attack

App created by French government to warn people of terrorist incidents sent out alert hours after truck attack had happened

The French government has vowed to overhaul its new emergency smartphone app designed to alert the public to an ongoing terror attack after it malfunctioned during this week’s attack on Nice.

The government’s instant alert app, created after last November’s terrorist attacks across Paris and launched last month just before the Euro 2016 football tournament, is supposed to send instant warnings, information and advice directly to people’s phones if a bombing, shooting or other terrorist incident happens near them.

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Kia Sportage car review: ‘It’s trying to look a bit beefier and more SUV-ish than it actually is’

Once the Kia has settled into its speed, it is confident, solid and grippy

I think the Kia Sportage is best understood channelled through the energy of family resentment. Imagine you have a cousin who has always been better than you at things you pretend not to care about. In adolescence, your parents said: “Why can’t you be more like Steve?” and your tacit response was a direct 50:50 split between: “Because Steve is a twat” and: “Why couldn’t I have had a manly name like Steve?”

Anyway, fast forward to 2016, and Steve has arrived on your drive with a Kia Sportage. He must be doing OK for himself, you think (it is £31,650 OTR), and yet he is moving in circles where he doesn’t quite feel he belongs. This is a car that’s trying to look a bit beefier, more SUV-ish and ski slope-ready than it actually is. The snout has a curvaceous, American styling but the drive is a little diesel-ey and wheezy, not so much New Hampshire as regular Hampshire. So Steve has a little bit of status anxiety, you think. Maybe later you’ll test him at ping pong.

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Beauty: Dyson’s Supersonic hairdryer | Sali Hughes

I’ve been inundated with questions about whether it’s any good. I’m almost loth to say it, but it really is

I can’t claim that hairdryers particularly turn me on, much less one that costs £300. On a scale of new purchase excitement, a dryer would ordinarily rank somewhere between hedge trimmer and gas boiler, but the new Dyson Supersonic (£299.99) has caused a huge stir in the industry and I’ve been inundated with questions about whether it’s any good. I’m almost loth to say it, but it really is.

James Dyson’s brainchild is based on fitting a microprocessor to a hairdryer to regulate temperature and prevent damage. It’s too early for me to say if it delivers on improved hair condition, but, in any case, it has a great deal more to recommend it. Its stylish design is backless, meaning you won’t get that revolting hairball-trapped-in-mesh effect of traditional dryers (the filter and motor are in the handle), nor can your hair get sucked inside and create a smell like a fire in a pet shop.

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