Digital currency Steem soars 1,000% in value in two weeks

Currency behind social media website Steemit, in which users are rewarded or paid based number of ‘thumbs up’, has rocketed to more than $150m in value

Steem, the digital currency behind the new social media website Steemit, soared more than 1,000% in value on Tuesday to more than $150m, two weeks after it first paid people who posted on its website, according to

Steemit rewards or pays users who post content that gets multiple thumbs up from the site’s participants. The reward given is the steem currency. Content on the site is not limited to digital currencies and users have posted varied topics from lasagne to a trip to North Africa.

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Senator Al Franken demands Pokémon Go release privacy information

  • Wildly popular game app has drawn controversy over privacy concerns
  • Senator said company might share data with third-party providers

The insanely popular Pokémon Go is collecting users’ data and sharing it with anonymous third parties, Senator Al Franken of Minnesota said in a letter to the company’s CEO on Tuesday.

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Why so much coverage of Amazon Prime Day? The incentives, of course

By signing up to the retail giant’s affiliate network, Amazon Associates, publishers can earn commissions from linking to products on

In July 2015, Amazon declared its own annual holiday: Amazon Prime Day. The retail giant promised deals on a wide range of products for customers signed up to its membership program, Amazon Prime.

This is the second Amazon Prime Day, and it’s pretty hard to miss. At the time of writing, the #PrimeDay hashtag was one of Twitter’s top 10 worldwide trends. Media outlets including the Daily Mail, USA Today, the Telegraph, PC World and CNet are publishing numerous stories about the discounts on offer, and urging readers to sign up for an Amazon Prime trial.

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Hyperloop co-founder’s harassment suit claims ‘colleague left noose on my chair’

Brogan BamBrogan brings harassment and nepotism lawsuit against the supersonic transport company, claiming he feared for his physical safety

Senior executives at Hyperloop One, the much-hyped technology company developing a high-speed transportation system, are being accused of nepotism and physically threatening and harassing employees in a lawsuit filed by the startup’s co-founder and three former employees.

Brogan BamBrogan, a co-founder who recently resigned as chief technology officer, alleges that one executive left a “hangman’s noose” on his chair in one of the most explosive claims, which is bolstered by photos included in the complaint.

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Razer’s Abyssus V2 mouse addresses all PC gamers, not just the right-hand crowd

Razer is now taking pre-orders for the Abyssus V2 PC mouse, an affordable solution aimed at any PC gamer on a budget, packing a 5,000 DPI optical sensor. The device also includes four Hyperesponse switches promising up to 20 million clicks.

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‘Hella noms’, swag and secrecy: inside the world’s largest tech intern gathering

Internapalooza provides an inside look at the peculiar cultural initiation to the tech industry: coding, entrepreneurship and a certain amount of privilege

There were piles of free stuff at Internapalooza, the annual gathering of thousands of tech industry summer interns. In the club level at the San Francisco Giants’ stadium on Monday evening, name-tag-sporting millennials travelled in packs of three and four as they scooped up branded T-shirts, tote bags, water bottles, Moleskin notebooks, sunglasses, argyle socks from Zillow, mobile device charge pads from eBay, winter caps from Google, flip flops from Andreessen Horowitz, and – the overall favorite – selfie sticks and throw pillows from YouTube.

Almost everything was free. Everything except the popcorn.

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