Nissan Leaf 30kWh Tekna car review – ‘It’s relaxing’

With a top speed just shy of 90mph, the Leaf doesn’t have many pretensions in the boy racer department

Often, when I think an idea won’t catch on (the mobile phone, the breakfast bar), it’s just because I haven’t thought about it as hard as its inventor has; I fear this may be true of the Nissan Leaf. It struck me as inherently preposterous to design a car that has to be delivered on the back of another car, because no one can be sure it’ll make the journey on electricity alone.

While we’re here, why eschew the option of a petrol hybrid? Why not throw in some petrol so that the superbly organised can bask in their virtue, having remembered to charge it for eight (or 16) hours the night before (depending on the voltage), while the feckless can be allowed to sometimes forget?

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Government dashes hopes of second EU referendum in e-petition response

Statement in response to petition signed by more than 4.1m people says referendum was ‘once in a generation’ vote

The hopes of more than 4.1 million people who signed a petition calling for a second referendum on the EU have faded, after a response from the government saying was a “once in a generation vote”.

Parliament must consider all petitions that reach a threshold of 100,000 votes for a debate and, although the decision has yet to consider the motion for a debate, the Foreign Office responded to the signatories by email on Friday evening, pointing out that over 33 million have had their say.

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‘Prey For the Gods’ heads to Kickstarter, evokes ‘Shadow of the Colossus’

If you’ve been yearning for a game to follow in the massive footsteps of Team ICO’s PlayStation 2 classic, ‘Shadow of the Colossus,’ then ‘Prey for the Gods’ is the game for you. Get the scoop on the newly announced indie title here.

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