New Nvidia drivers get PC gamers suited up for Codemasters’ ‘DiRT Rally VR’

The latest GeForce Game Ready drivers served up by Nvidia are optimized for Codemasters’ upcoming DiRT Rally VR for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. It will hit the Oculus Store first, followed by an update for Steam gamers later this month.

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Should Tesla be ‘beta testing’ autopilot if there is a chance someone might die?

In the fast-moving culture of Silicon Valley, where failure is welcomed on the road to success, experts ask if the car maker launched its autopilot too soon

Just days after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an investigation into the fatal crash of a Tesla Model S driving in autopilot mode, a second Tesla using autopilot mode has been involved in a collision.

Art gallery director Albert Scaglione told police he was driving in autopilot mode when his Tesla Model X crashed and rolled over on the Pennsylvania Turnpike around 100 miles east of Pittsburgh on 1 July. Scaglione and his artist son-in-law Tim Yane both survived without major injuries.

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Google may be making two Android Wear smartwatches featuring its AI Assistant

Google is reportedly making two Android Wear smartwatches, and both devices will be integrated with Google Assistant — the search giant’s artificially intelligent bot. The larger of the two devices will have LTE, GPS, and a heart-rate monitor.

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Amazon says ‘business as usual’ with plans to hire 1,000 extra staff

Online retailer says Brexit changes nothing for now and more staff needed to fulfil Prime Now one-hour delivery service

Amazon is planning to hire 1,000 more people than previously expected in the UK this year as the online retailer rolls out its one-hour delivery operation and extends its web services.

The company will now create 3,500 permanent full-time jobs in the UK in 2016, taking Amazon’s total workforce to 15,500 as its Prime Now fast-delivery service, launched a year ago, reaches more than a third of the UK population.

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Lidar: the self-driving technology that could help Tesla avoid another tragedy

CEO Elon Musk has said the laser-sensing device used in Google’s driverless cars is not necessary. But after the fatal collision, will he reconsider his position?

The autopilot mode of the Tesla Model S, involved in a fatal collision made public last week, draws on a number of sensors including cameras, ultrasound and radar. But one piece of technology Tesla chose not to build into its cars is Lidar, a laser-sensing system used by Google’s driverless cars.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has, in the past, dismissed the need for Lidar, suggesting the technology “doesn’t make sense” in the context of a car. “For full autonomy you’d really want to have a more comprehensive sensor suite and computer systems that are fail-proof. That said, I don’t think you need Lidar. I think you can do this all with passive optical and then maybe one forward radar,” he said during a press conference last October.

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