Apple’s battle with the FBI: who’s supporting them – and who’s not?

Tech industry titans and political heavyweights have all weighed in to the debate over whether Apple should help the FBI access a terrorist’s iPhone

The debate between Apple and the US Department of Justice had made for very strange bedfellows.

Democratic congressman Mike Honda of California has come down firmly on the side of the tech company, saying that the DoJ sought to increase its authority “with the tyrannical impulses that were the very reason our country was created”.

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Cell phone company deals

Sometimes just knowing a bit about the ins and outs of cell phone companies can earn you a great deal on your service. Come and see their money saving special deals.

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Google self-driving car strikes public bus in California, accident report says

If it is determined the Google vehicle was at fault, it would be the first time one of its SUVS caused an accident while in autonomous mode

A self-driving car being tested by Google struck a public bus on a city street in what appears to be the first time one of the tech company’s vehicles has caused an accident.

The collision occurred on 14 February in Mountain View, California, and Google reported it to California’s department of motor vehicles in an accident report that the agency posted Monday.

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Privacy Shield – the new law governing how Europe’s user data is sent to the US

It has taken two years, but there is finally an agreement over how US companies, including Google and Facebook, will transfer their users’ data out of Europe

Europe sought to plug a gap in a new transatlantic data pact on Monday by urging US firms to allow European Union privacy regulators to police compliance with the new rules.

Brussels and Washington clinched a deal earlier this month on a new data transfer framework aimed at helping firms from both blocs seamlessly shuffle data between continents.

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