Apple – losing the best talent and in need of a killer new device

Despite its huge value, Silicon Valley developers are turned off by ‘secretive, controlling’ culture and its engineering is no longer seen as cutting edge

When developer James Knight was on the job market recently, he considered applying to several of the big tech companies and immediately crossed Apple off his list.

“Apple’s culture is one that’s so negative, so strict, so harsh,” said Knight, a talented 27-year-old coder who left a job at Google for more lucrative freelance work. “At Apple, you’re gonna be working 60-80 hours a week and some VP will come yell at you at any moment? That’s a very hostile work environment.”

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Life, the universe and virtual reality: Southbank unveils classical season

Highlights of the centre’s 2016-17 season include a digital trip into an orchestra, a year-long festival examining music and belief, plus Radio 3 celebrates its 70th by moving in for a fortnight

London’s Southbank Centre is surely ambitious. Its 2016-17 classical music season will embrace life, the universe and pretty much everything in between.

Central to the plans, which were announced on Thursday, are two leading partnerships. A digital collaboration with the Philharmonia, and a year-long festival, Belief and Beyond Belief, with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

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