Google expected to reveal growth of offshore cash funds to $43bn

Tech company’s 2015 earnings will be announced next week as governments aim to crack down on Google’s controversial tax avoidance arrangements

Google is poised to confirm next week that controversial tax structures in Ireland, the Netherlands and Bermuda have boosted its offshore cash mountain to more than $43bn (£30bn), figures from financial analysts suggest.

Despite governments around the world promising to crack down on the tech company’s tax avoidance arrangements, Wall Street analysts are confident Google will continue to salt away profits in Bermuda for years to come.

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Apple iPhone sales flatline over holidays as growth falls short of expectations

Investors worry after report that sales of its top-selling device grew by only 0.4% over the holidays, compared with 46% over same period last year

Apple’s iPhone sales are flatlining, the tech company said on Tuesday, as it announced a sharp slowdown in sales growth for its top-selling mobile device.

The company sold 74.8m of its flagship devices in the final three months of 2015, below analysts expectations. In the same period in 2014 the company sold 74.46m iPhones, meaning sales were essentially flat.

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GoPro video footage can now be broadcast using Twitter’s Periscope app

The live-streaming app announced it is now integrated with the wearable cameras, meaning that sometimes insane footage can now find a larger audience

GoPro action camera users can now broadcast their daring adventures live through Twitter’s Periscope app, opening the door to a whole new dimension of real-time video sharing.

The live-streaming app announced on Tuesday that it was now integrated with GoPro, meaning that the sometimes insane footage captured on wearable cameras can now find a much larger audience – one that is drawn to the attraction of watching events on their phones as the action unfolds.

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When cards won’t do the trick, say it with a potato in the mail

There’s intense competition in the novelty potato-sending market, with three main sites specializing in sub-niches, from plain old spuds to heartfelt messages

After serving as the scoutmaster of a boy scout troupe, Jeff Kelly spent half a career as a manager and engineer for global travel company Expedia before he got into the business of sending potatoes through the mail.

Along with his business partner Jim Owens, the retired former CEO of the non-profit Cast for Kids Foundation, Kelly wanted to find a new product or business idea to which, he said, he could bring both his experience in customer service and his values as an Eagle Scout. Something “uplifting”.

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Doomsday Clock stuck near midnight due to climate change and nuclear war

The symbolic countdown to humanity’s end remained stuck at three minutes to the brink of the apocalypse for a second year in a row on Tuesday

The Doomsday Clock, the symbolic countdown to humanity’s end, remained stuck on the brink of the apocalypse for a second year on Tuesday, because of the continued existential threats posed by nuclear war and climate change.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the group which created the clock in 1947, said it was keeping the clock hands set at three minutes to midnight – the closest the clock has come to destruction since the throes of the cold war in 1984.

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