Google £130m UK back-tax deal lambasted as ‘derisory’ by expert

Tax expert says firm has paid equivalent of just 2.77% of profits over last decade compared to standard 20%

Google’s attempt to counter criticism of its tax arrangements by agreeing to make a back payment of £130m in the UK unravelled after claims that the internet giant had effectively paid an annual rate of corporation tax of just 2.77% over the last decade. Most British businesses currently pay corporation tax on 20% of their profits. But even after the extra payment, the internet giant is said to have paid just £200m in tax since 2005, on estimated profits in the UK of £7.2bn.

Professor Prem Sikka, a tax avoidance expert at the University of Essex, estimated that the company has avoided around £1.6bn in taxes over the decade, despite earning 10% of its global revenues in the UK.

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A sex toy for women’s health: dildo designer talks the joy of conception

Stephanie Berman, otherwise known as ‘Spermin’ Berman’, is among a growing number of entrepreneurs exploring new technologies for a market that is no longer taboo

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Stephanie Berman is sitting on the terrace of the Hilton hotel near Hollywood in the hazy January sunshine, and holding a bright pink dildo.

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Blue Origin launches and lands sub-orbital rocket for second time

Space venture set up by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos among handful of companies working to develop reusable rockets

Blue Origin, the space transportation venture set up by Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, has launched and landed a sub-orbital rocket for the second time. The achievement is being hailed as a significant development in the company’s drive to develop reusable rockets.

Blue Origin posted a video of the New Shepard rocket’s launch and return to the launchpad in west Texas on Friday morning.

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Something for the weekend, sir? The latest in sex tech

You can control everything from your heating to your exercise routine with an app, so why not bluetooth your sex life? Robina Gibb reports on the latest tech from the Sexual Health Expo in LA

Today’s entrepreneurial generation might not have invented sex, but they have invented bluetooth connected sex toys.

Robina Gibb scoured LA’s Sexual Health Expo in January exploring some of the market’s most innovative and intimate devices, from electronic stimulators for couples to smartphone-controlled pelvic floor exercisers.

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