Silicon Valley braces itself for a fall: ‘There’ll be a lot of blood’

Wannabe entrepreneurs are still piling in to San Francisco, but there’s a sense that time is running out on the exuberant startup world

A sharply dressed French investor is leaning against a doorway, arms folded and his expression slightly bemused. Philippe Suchet is considering the latest raft of hopeful new technology companies that have presented at 500 Startups – a major hothouse for up-and-coming Silicon Valley talent.

There’s no shortage of enthusiasm and ideas in the valley, but Suchet is sceptical.

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Google agrees to pay HMRC £130m in back taxes

Firm will pay back a decade’s worth of taxes and bear greater tax burden in future to compensate for underpayment of UK taxes

Google has agreed a deal with HMRC to pay £130m in back taxes and bear a greater tax burden in future, the company has confirmed.

The deal will cover a decade of underpayment of UK taxes by the firm, which has been criticised in the past for its tax avoidance policies.

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Canadian man found not guilty in Twitter harassment case

A judge ruled that Gregory Alan Elliott’s ‘incessant and obsessive’ tweets to two female activists were ‘obscene and homophobic’ but not threatening

A Canadian man has been found not guilty of criminally harassing two women through Twitter.

The case is believed to be the first example of Canadian courts weighing in on issues of harassment on the social media platform, according to the National Post.

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Tinder makes STI clinics available after lengthy talks with Aids charity

Dating app’s decision comes after dispute with HIV/Aids foundation over a billboard that linked Tinder-like apps with sexually transmitted diseases

Tinder’s decision to provide users with a link to find local STI clinics was agreed in a series of “conversations” with the president of the world’s largest HIV/Aids foundation following a spat over a billboard campaign that linked dating apps with sexually transmitted diseases.

Lawyers for the dating app sent an aggressive cease and desist letter to the Aids Healthcare Foundation after the organisation put up a billboard showing silhouetted figures leaning in for a kiss – one bearing the label “Tinder”, the other “chlamydia.” A second couple on the billboard were labelled “Grindr” and “syphilis”.

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