Iraq needs to mock Isis propaganda more effectively, says Malcolm Turnbull

The Australian prime minister tells the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington leaders are unwittingly aiding Isis by blaming Islam

The Iraqi government needs to “mock and disprove” Islamic State’s online propaganda more effectively and more quickly Malcolm Turnbull has told an elite audience in Washington, saying he will raise the problem when he meets US president Barack Obama.

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That Dragon, Cancer review – you’ve never played anything like it

This autobiographical game explores the death of a boy and shows the possibilities of the medium of video games

It was once trendy for major game developers to talk about how they would one day make players cry. You don’t hear it so much now – partly because this sentiment resulted in a lot of pompously overwrought stuff like Heavy Rain, but partly there was a realisation that away from the mainstream industry, games have been doing it for years. Indie developers have always used games to explore real-life topics from a personal perspective, whether that’s a life-changing event, or just settling in a new town. That Dragon, Cancer is in this lineage but the experience, losing a child to terminal illness, is so painful even in the abstract, you may at first wonder who would choose to share it.

While I was playing TDC, Barack Obama devoted a portion of his last State of the Union address to declaring war on cancer, a clarion call only slightly dampened by it being 45 years since the Nixon administration’s National Cancer Act promised the same. I say this not to jeer at a noble cause, but to show what an universal and intractable obsession the disease has become for our longer-lived societies. I still remember a careers teacher telling a class of bewildered teenagers that one-third of us would get cancer – he’d dropped the bomb about our parents “not being around forever” a few weeks previously.

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Friends Reunited website closes after 15 years

It launched when Mark Zuckerberg was just 15 years old, but Friends Reunited, one of the original social networks, is to close

Friends Reunited was a pioneer of social networking when it launched in 2000, but today founder Steve Pankhurst announced its closure.

In an emailed entitled “the sunset of an era”, Pankhurst wrote that “the world is now a very different place” and that Friends Reunited is no longer able to compete with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Phishing attack could steal LastPass password manager details

Hackers can simulate a login dialogue so closely that even careful users might simply give them their username, password and even their two-factor key

A security researcher has released a tool that can steal the login details and two-factor authentication key for the popular LastPass password manager, leaving users potentially exposed.

LastPass, like many other password managers, stores user’s passwords in the cloud in an encrypted vault protected by a single username and password. The vault can also be protected using various forms of two-factor authentication.

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