Can a brain scan uncover your morals and determine whether a prisoner dies?

Brains images are becoming standard evidence in some of the country’s most controversial and disturbing death penalty cases

It’s hard to imagine Steven Northington killing two people. The 43-year-old says he likes to make people laugh, “like a comedian”. He’s a loyal son to his troubled mother and father. He sends his younger sister birthday cards from prison and draws elaborate smiley faces on them. His defense team laughs with affection when they hear his name because he is, they say, “a character”.

Between 2003 and 2004, Northington was slinging for a drug ring that flooded his Philadelphia neighborhood with bloodshed. The Kaboni Savage Organization was responsible for nine murders during those two years alone, including the firebombing of a house that killed two women and four children.

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SsangYong Tivoli: car review | Martin Love

The Tivoli is attractive and dizzyingly good value, but has SsangYong done enough to make you fall for it?

Price: £12,996
Top speed: 106mph
0-62mph: 12 seconds
MPG: 44.1

Someone optimistic has noticed that if you spell the word Tivoli backwards you get Ilovit, and they’ve put a TIVOLI ILOVIT sticker on the back of this car. That’s a reach for a SsangYong (which is Gnoygnass backwards). You aren’t going to love its latest model, but there’s every chance you’ll really like it.

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Adventure Flat White Tourer: bike review | Martin Love

Whether you are a newbie or a hardened rider, you’ll find much to like in this brilliant value classic tourer

Strava, the tracker app which so many cyclists love, has just published a summary of last year’s usage. In Britain, the average ride was 41km and the most popular day of the year was 30 June. So you have plenty of time to get ready to join the throng.

And if you are new to riding, be that commuting or touring, you won’t go wrong with this new model from Adventure. It’s called, rather hipsterishly, the Flat White, and it is staggeringly good value. With its classic lines, guards and racks, it may well remind you of your dad’s old tourer. It’s practical, comfortable and very easy to live with, though it won’t be for you if you have a speed habit. It has a terrific steel frame, but the brakes and gears are fairly basic. Still, you could upgrade them if you do catch the cycling bug (

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