Shari Steele on online anonymity: Tor staff are ‘freedom fighters’

Non-profit’s new boss says replacing government funding is a priority which will ensure its survival and restore credibility

At a secret location on New Year’s Eve 2015, a core team of Tor Project employees mingled with the Berlin cypherpunk underground. One person was missing: their new executive director, Shari Steele, who had been introduced publicly a few days earlier to much fanfare at the world’s oldest gathering of hackers: the annual Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg.

Steele says it’s accurate to describe her as avoiding the spotlight. “That is the way I work, and how I will continue to work at Tor,” Steele told the Guardian. Former co-workers confirmed: she likes to work behind the scenes, and is extremely effective doing so.

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Who’s paranoid? Personal security tech goes mainstream in surveillance era

Gadget-makers in biometrics and tracking say they used to deal with the tinfoil hat brigade, but now everyone wants to know ‘how to stay secure’

The man selling biometric equipment at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this week had never seen so much interest in his booth in nearly 30 years.

And he’s horrified. He always thought widespread acceptance of their fingerprint scanners would be for convenience, not surveillance, but he’s not so sure anymore.

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