2016 predictions: Is this the year old media gets online video?

BBC3 going online only is set to be one of the biggest changes in the digital content world

YouTube stars such as PewDiePie and the multichannel networks that represent many of them will continue their youth-driven rise in 2016, but other media organisations will step up their efforts to get in on the game.

John Kampfner of the Creative Industries Federation thinks 2016 “could be the year when media organisations truly break out of their silos”. He explains: “Whether free-to-access or heavily paywalled, websites continue to struggle to produce the revenues required to invest in strong journalism. While TV advertising revenues are strong, income for online services remains variable, at best.

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2016 predictions: Can upstarts like Vice and Buzzfeed keep their cool?

BuzzFeed, HuffPo and Vox will have to show they can keep their cool as they challenge more traditional rivals

Last year saw the digital media upstarts step up a gear, and 2016 looks set to see them consolidate their place alongside established media businesses. The biggest development of the year will be digital darling Vice going all traditional media and launching TV channels across Europe. At least that will be the big story until something bigger happens, because the digital media landscape is a bit like that.

Vice will probably get yet another investor upping its stake (cue a further ridiculous surge in valuation beyond $5bn) to try to tap into some of its edgy, youth-focused cool. Or perhaps founder Shane Smith might look to sell up, or go for an IPO.

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Download these 5 apps to start the year right with a selfie, or take down ships in space

Every week we parse through the various app stores so you don’t have to go through the hassle. With the new year, take a look at Microsoft’s Selfie app, or Neqtr, a new dating app for “socially conscious people,” and more.

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The best games of 2016: it’s going to be a blast

2016 promises more stunning open-world immersion, Nathan Drake’s last hurrah – and the arrival of virtual reality gaming on your smartphone

Mixing open-world exploration, survival drama and sci-fi RPG elements, Horizon may be the most beautiful game yet due for 2016. Set in a post-apocalyptic world a millennium hence, it follows hunter Aloy as she tries to eke out an existence on a ruined Earth overtaken by cybernetic titans. If developer Guerrilla Games can deliver solid gameplay and a story as good as the stunning visuals, this could be incredible.

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Will 2016 be the year web advertisers realise we don’t want to be monitored?

Everyone hates web adverts – except those people developing intrusive technology to force them on us.

On 16 September 2015, Apple launched the latest version of its iPhone operating system, iOS9. One feature of the new system is the option to install an ad blocker, preventing the phone’s Safari web browser from loading most web ads. The following day, the top-selling application in the UK was Peace, an ad blocker by celebrated software developer Marco Arment.

An estimated 150 to 200 million people use ad blockers on their desktop or laptop ad browsers and that number is growing at 41% a year. As ad spending shifts from desktops to mobile platforms, ad blockers such as Peace terrify both advertisers and proprietors of services that rely on advertising for their revenue. Yet the demand for mobile ad blockers makes perfect sense. Mobile phone users pay for the bandwidth they consume, and on many websites the bandwidth used to load ads and their accompanying tracking information is greater than the bandwidth used to load the content.

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Mango Ladies Classic: bike review | Martin Love

The dainty paintjob and smooth curves belie the sturdy nature of this traditional bicycle at a brilliant price

Ben and Jezz met at university and quickly became friends. Ben was into designing bikes, while Jezz was focused on marketing. Scratching around for something to do, they decided to launch their own brand, as you do, and in 2012 Mango Bikes duly sold its first model. Since then they have sold hundreds of bikes, and this month sees the launch of their latest, the Ladies Classic.

It’s an elegant ride and comes in five colours, including this one, mint. It’s impossible to imagine how they can afford to sell it for under £300. For that you get the pannier rack and matching tan saddle and leather grips. The wicker basket is £10 extra – ideal for a small dog. The Classic isn’t to be ridden hard. It’s a bike that wants you to waft around town in style, probably wearing linen (mangobikes.co.uk).

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Audi TT: car review | Martin Love

Small, sharp and easy to live with… The only big decision you face when buying an Audi TT is whether to go soft or hard

Price: from £29,915
MPG: up to 61.4
Top speed: 155mph

Once you’ve decided to splash your cash on a neat hedonistic sports car, you have one further indulgent decision to make. Do you go for the coupé or the open-top roadster? Closed or open? Groomed or wind-blasted? Swot or swank? In the coupé you get the roof and two cramped yet functional perch seats in the back. In the roadster you lose the roof and you lose those tiny seats. This means you also lose your ability to offer a viable transport solution for your teenage daughter’s netball team. Which was how I came to make the same 2.7-mile round trip six times in a row. Each time I asked the girls the same two questions: what brand of car is this? And what does TT stand for?

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