Rio de Janeiro becomes first city in Brazil to ban Uber

Taxi app says it is looking into legal action over ‘completely unconstitutional bill’ after Mayor Eduardo Paes signed legislation: ‘Uber is forbidden’

The city that hosts next year’s Olympic Games has become the first in Brazil to ban the use of smartphone-based ride-hailing applications like Uber.

Rio de Janeiro mayor Eduardo Paes on Tuesday signed legislation recently passed by Rio’s city council banning Uber and similar technologies from operating in the city.

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Uber fights back with petition after TfL launches consultation

Taxi hailing company gathers 90,000 signatures as Institute of Directors accuses mayor of heavy-handedness

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, has been put on the spot over the launch of a consultation process being viewed as a crude attempt to curb the explosive growth in London of Uber, the taxi hailing app.

Simon Walker, the director general of the Institute of Directors, said that Johnson, together with chancellor George Osborne and business secretary Sajid Javid, should be reducing regulation in the capital’s taxi and private car hire market rather than bringing in new and stiffer rules. Walker was responding to a set of proposals from Transport for London (TfL), revealed on Tuesday, which are said to reflect the mayor’s concerns about traffic congestion in London. Johnson is the chair of TfL.

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Tesla’s Model X electric car spreads falcon wings at US launch

Long-awaited SUV has 17in touchscreen, radar and sonar technology, and double-hinged falcon-wing doors that open when driver approaches

Tesla Motors has unveiled its new electric SUV, the Model X, amid much fanfare in California and growing expectations that low-carbon vehicles are finally on the verge of a breakthrough amid the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

The Model X has been billed by Tesla and its chief executive, Elon Musk, as the company’s most advanced vehicle to date.

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Lord Drayson launches pollution sensor powered by radio waves

Businessman and Labour party donor’s FreeVolt project uses ambient wireless and mobile network waves to power CleanSpace tag for app designed for cyclists and pedestrians

Lord Drayson, the millionaire businessman, Labour party donor and former science minister, has released a pollution monitor that he hopes will drive efforts to improve air quality around the world.

The gadget is designed to be carried in a pocket and is powered by a new technology which constantly harvests energy from the ambient radio waves that mobile phone and wireless networks emit. As such, its battery never needs replacing.

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