Honor 7 tips and tricks

The Honor 7 is widely regarded as one of the best value smartphones in the market but you can still get more from it. Here are some of the best Honor 7 tips and tricks.

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Lufthansa to trial inflight high-speed internet for passengers

German carrier struck deal with Deutsche Telekom and satellite company Inmarsat for short- and medium-haul flights

High-speed internet access via smartphones could become a feature on European airline flights following a deal involving German carrier Lufthansa – but voice calls will be blocked at first.

Lufthansa will offer Wi-Fi on its short- and medium-haul flights from 2017, provided by satellite firm Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom.

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4chan message board sold to founder of Japanese site that inspired it

Hiroyuko Nishimura, a web entrepreneur who was recently named editor of Variety Japan, buys the controversial site for undisclosed amount

The influential and controversial message board 4chan has been sold to Japanese web entrepreneur-turned-magazine editor Hiroyuko Nishimura for an undisclosed sum, it was announced today.

Nishimura, who was recently appointed editor of Variety Japan, was the founder of 2channel, the wildly popular Japanese image-board on which 4chan was originally modelled when it was started in 2003. 4chan quickly overshadowed its Japanese-language cousin in influence, if not in raw traffic, however, to become one of the most influential – and one of the most controversial – websites.

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Facebook accused of spying on Belgian citizens like the NSA

Data regulator’s opening volley in privacy lawsuit claims Facebook is contucting NSA-like snooping on citizens declaring that Belgium shouldn’t be intimidated

Facebook acted like the US’s National Security Agency, spying without authority on European users, lawyers representing the Belgian data protection authority said on Monday.

In opening arguments in a closely watched case being brought against the social network company, Frederic Debussere, representing the Belgian privacy commission (BPC), referred to NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations about surreptitious mass surveillance by the spy agency.

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