Danny Boyle on Steve Jobs: movies must be made about powerful men

At Telluride premiere of movie about Apple co-founder, director cautions about underestimating extent of influence of tech pioneers, while Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen and scriptwriter Aaron Sorkin discuss stickiness of paring apart fact and fiction

The director Danny Boyle has called for more films to be made about the creators of influential new technology. Speaking at the Telluride film festival, where his Aaron Sorkin-scripted biopic of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is winning largely rave reviews, Boyle said that those in the movie industry had a responsibility to examine the import of people such as Jobs and Mark Zuckenberg, the Facebook creator who was the subject of Sorkin’s 2010 hit, The Social Network.

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Wikipedia founder backs site’s systems after extortion scam

Jimmy Wales says system is secure after users posed as senior editors and demanded payment from businesses

The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, has spoken out in defence of the online encyclopedia’s systems for detecting and dealing with abuse for the first time since an extortion scam was uncovered, which led to hundreds of Wikipedia editor accounts being blocked.

Wales said that the blocking of 381 Wikipedia editor accounts for “black hat” editing as part of an attempt to extort money from people and businesses is proof that the site’s systems for detecting and dealing with abuse are working.

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BT steps up sport and drama as it tussles with Sky for customers

As telecoms and TV customers interwine, rivals spend more on sporting rights and programming

When the group stages of the Champions League kick off next week, anyone turning to ITV to catch a game will be disappointed.

This season’s top European club tournament (and its little brother, the Europa League) will only air on BT Sport after BT paid almost £900m for exclusive rights over three seasons, more than double the £400m Sky and ITV had paid for shared rights for the previous three years.

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Teenage chat guide helps parents spot online dangers

Parent Info website includes dictionary of abbreviations used by teenagers in chatrooms, many dealing with online sexual relationships

Parents concerned their children are “zerging” or giving away their ASL will be able to decode social media using a language guide launched by government.

The dictionary translates abbreviations used by teenagers, including get naked on cam (GNOC) and age, sex, location (ASL) often used by children using anonymous chatrooms to disclose their personal details.

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