Ashley Madison hack: banking staff vulnerable to blackmail

Web security expert urges companies to watch out for employees who signed up to the adultery website being coerced into giving away market secrets

Companies are being urged to identify employees who could be blackmailed into revealing sensitive market information following the Ashley Madison data dump.

After hackers leaked 37 million email addresses used by people who had accessed the Toronto-based adultery website, there are fears that blackmailers will start demanding money to keep the details of extra-marital affairs secret.

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Forget Etsy – app Tictail wants to democratize e-commerce

A small-business sales platform, Tictail is positioning itself as an open digital marketplace for entrepreneurs all over the world

Modern day entrepreneurs face a unique dilemma when trying to break into the marketplace: what if their product is not artisanal enough?

Thanks to Etsy, which enforces strict maker requirements about the items sold through its platform, e-commerce has seen a resurgence of handmade products. This focus on artisanal inventory leaves many small businesses at a loss when it comes to marketing their goods online. Tictail, a Swedish startup, hopes to change that by opening its e-commerce site to small business owners around the world – artisans or not.

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How to root the Android M Preview

If you have a Nexus 5 or Nexus 6 running Android M, it’s easy to get root access: all you need is a couple of free downloads. Here’s how to root the Android M preview.

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