Ashley Madison hack: five people on finding out they were on the database

This week 33 million records of people who had used a dating website for secret affairs had their names and identifying details leaked online by hackers. We spoke to five people caught up in a data breach with profound personal ramifications

I joined Ashley Madison this year, during a very, very stressful period, both personally and professionally. But my intentions were never actually to meet another woman, and I quickly realised that this was not going to be a good way of meeting new people.

In total, I used the site for a single month, getting almost zero responses. Once I realised that it was going nowhere, and that I would have never left my family behind, I decided to just quit. So I paid my €19 (£15) to get rid of everything, deleted the mobile app and removed everything: email accounts, messages, etc.

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ChatRoulette is much better as a first-person zombie shooter — just watch for yourself

ChatRoulett’es unique uses often seem few and far between, but Realm Pictures has certainly created one of them. Combining the trappings of an FPS with live video and zombies, it’s created a winning formula that’s in a league of its own.

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Google billboards announce UK is searching for revenge porn sites

Eye-catching digital hoardings reveal search term among other queries such as Dismaland, Strictly Come Dancing and cricket scores

Large digital billboards around London, paid for by Google, have been spotted by the public – with a surprising revelation displayed for all to see. The brightly coloured boards – which show popular search terms being used – declared boldly that the UK “is searching for revenge porn sites”.

Members of the public were informed by the loud advertisement this week that among the more mundane queries on the search engine – such as looking up Dismaland, Strictly Come Dancing and the cricket scores there was also a darker side to searching. Revenge porn, the distribution of sexually explicit content without the consent of the people involved, was a top term tapped into keyboards.

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Uber bookings more than treble in a year to nearly $11bn, says report

Controversial taxi app’s revenues double every six months according to unverified investor report but profit figures still remain shrouded in secrecy

Uber’s global bookings are projected to more than treble to $10.8bn (£6.9bn) this year and reach $26.1bn the next, according to an investors’ presentation that indicates a flotation for the ride-hailing business by 2017.

The taxi app, which operates in more than 50 countries, keeps 20% of booking revenue, according to the confidential slideshow, obtained by Reuters. Based on those figures, 2015 revenue would be around $2bn.

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Boy, nine, fitted with first prosthetic hand that can change grip with gestures

Josh Cathcart can now eat with cutlery and pull up his trousers for the first time thanks to i-limb quantum, a special child-sized hand

A nine-year-old boy, born with his right arm missing from the elbow, can build Lego, eat with a knife and fork, and pull up his trousers for the first time thanks to a new hi-tech bionic hand.

Josh Cathcart, who was bullied because of his disability, declared his new limb “awesome” and could not wait to show it to school friends, after becoming the first child in the UK to be fitted with the i-limb quantum, a special child-sized hand.

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