Pakistan tried to tap international web traffic via underwater cables, report says

ISI spy agency sought access to data from ‘landing sites’ passing through Karachi, privacy group claims, in push to acquire digital espionage capacity to rival US

Pakistani intelligence sought to tap worldwide internet traffic via underwater cables that would have given the country a digital espionage capacity to rival the US, according to a report by Privacy International.

The report says the country’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency hired intermediary companies to acquire spying toolkits from western and Chinese firms for domestic surveillance.

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EU accuses Sky and Hollywood’s big six of illegally ‘geo-blocking’ film access

Broadcaster’s UK arm and studios such as Disney and Paramount alleged to have struck anti-competitive deals under EU rules

The European commission has accused Sky and six Hollywood studios of putting up anti-competitive barriers that restrict consumers from watching the films and TV shows of their choice.

The commission, which has sweeping powers to stop anti-competitive practices, accuses Britain’s biggest pay-TV broadcaster and major film-makers of creating bilateral agreements that mean consumers outside the UK and Ireland cannot get access to Sky’s full range of programming.

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