Battle of the bots: US blocks Iran and putters ball to glory in RoboCup finals

American robot THORwin, designed by a team from the University of Pennsylvania, won the ‘adult-size humanoid’ category at the annual event

The Iranian bore down on the US, a goal or two away from bringing America to its knees and achieving world domination. America’s sole defender stared ahead, unblinking. There would be no deal with Tehran today.

Thus a team of Americans and their four-and-a-half-foot robot defeated Iran 5-4 in the RoboCup soccer final on Wednesday, denying the Iranians the 2015 title. The victory keeps the geopolitical rivalry heated in at least one arena, even if relations have cooled in the diplomatic one.

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Chinese economy concerns wipe $40bn off value of Apple

Fall in share price of world’s biggest economy mirrored by slide in stocks in mining and commodity firms to their lowest level since market crash of 2008

Growing concerns about the health of the Chinese economy helped wipe $40bn off the value of Apple despite the company reporting a sharp increase in global sales and profits.

The 5% fall in share price in the world’s biggest company was mirrored by a slide in shares in mining and commodity firms to their lowest levels since the stock market crash of 2008. Investors regard the mining and commodities industry as vulnerable to a slowdown in the world’s second biggest economy.

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