California taxis can sue Uber over ads claiming safer service, judge rules

Taxis say their background checks are more thorough than those of the ride-sharing service, despite Uber’s reported advertising to the contrary

A federal judge has ruled California taxicab companies can sue competitor Uber over advertising statements that it offers the safest rides on the road.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that taxicab companies accused the ride-hailing company of false advertising for stating in ads and online postings that its background checks were the most thorough and its services the safest in the business. The statements implied, and sometimes explicitly declared, that conventional taxis were less safe.

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TinyBuild re-releases No Time To Explain, admits original game ‘sucked’

No Time To Explain, the time-traveling, bloody platformer from studio tinyBuild, wasn’t ready for prime time when it released the first time around. Now, the developer is taking a second shot at the game, and promise that it will be a large improvement.

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