Ida B Wells, African American activist, honored by Google

Wells-Barnett was a prominent suffragist and anti-lynching activist who used her platform as a newspaper editor to decry racial inequality in the late 19th century

As civil rights past and present remain in focus after the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, and the release of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman, Google is celebrating journalist and activist Ida B Wells-Barnett’s 153rd birthday with a “Google doodle”.

Wells-Barnett, more commonly known as Ida B Wells, was an African American newspaper editor, suffragist and anti-lynching activist at a time when avenues were thoroughly blocked for women – especially African American women.

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All Work All Play review – gaming reduced to corporate yawn

ESports deserves a better documentary than this dull and sentimental celebration of competitive gaming

ESports – competitive team video gaming played out in front of a stadiums full of fans – deserves its Hoop Dreams. Professional players, showing off their prowess in games such as League of Legends and Dota 2, vie for giant prize money in tournaments watched online by millions. Corruption and match-fixing allegations have dogged the sport, like any other. The subject has spice and drama aplenty. Yet All Work All Play ignores all that for dry praise of the sport’s progress, peppered with the odd bit of soupy sentimentality. Gaming has inspired very good documentaries in recent years (Indie Game: The Movie, Free to Play), made by film-makers that understand character and plot. But All Work All Play makes for a dull, corporate documentary.

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British man accused of hacking into US government networks arrested

Lauri Love arrested in Suffolk on an extradition warrant on behalf of the US over claims he hacked agencies including Nasa and the Federal Reserve

A British man accused of hacking into US government computer networks has been arrested.

Lauri Love, 30, from Stradishall in Suffolk, has been charged with hacking into various agencies, including the US Army, Nasa, the Federal Reserve and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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